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Recommended sightseeing spots

Ichinomata Onsen Tourist Hotel area around Ichinomata Onsen Tourist Hotel is surrounded by abundant nature, including Tsunoshima. Recommended facilities and event information will be delivered.

  • Tsunoshima

    As a bridge that does not require tolls, crossing the Tsunoshima Ohashi boasting one of Japan's best lengths, there is the Kita-Nagato Kaigan Quasi-National Park.In addition to meeting precious flora and fauna, you can enjoy the pleasant taste of Tsunoshima Natural Hall, which expresses the charm of Tsunaga by the information of nature and seasons, the style lighthouse that first lighted in Meiji 9 the first time.
  • Former Nami Shrine

    Business prosperity, big catch, maritime safety is the Ogami from good old days, good edge, kiho, lucky mischief, Fukutokunami, traffic safety, academic achievement, desire fulfillment. The 123 scenery that was dedicated over 10 years from 1986, the scenery lined up over 100 m from Ryugu's fishery side is a masterpiece.
  • Omijima Island

    Located in the center of Kita-Nagato Kaigan Quasi-National Park, Omijima Island is 40km in circumference, and the large-scale natural art museum has many large and strange rocks such as caves, cliffs and stone pillars, which are also called `` Alps of the Sea'' It can be said.
  • Michi-no-Eki"Cocktail bar"

    Yamaguchi Prefecture's largest Michi-no-Eki.We have all the local products.The 100 yen city of fresh vegetables is also attractive.However, since it is often sold out in the morning, please come early.

    (It is approximately 20 minutes by car from the hotel)
  • Akiyoshido Cave

    In the basement of the plateau there are many scattered limestone caves eroded by rainwater.Among them, the biggest "Akiyoshido Cave" is designated as a special natural treasure with Akiyoshidai.

    (It is approximately 60 minutes by car from the hotel)
  • Hinoyama Park

    The view from the mountain of fire is wonderful, and from the observation room on the third floor you can see the Kanmon Strait and the islands floating on the Hibikinada.The second floor is a view restaurant with 360 degree rotation.Cooking which you can taste while watching the night view of 10 million dollars spreading under you is also exceptional
  • Karato Market

    Spot where you can easily buy fresh seafood.Many people in the city visit the stalls of sushi which is held on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

    (It is approximately 60 minutes by car from the hotel)
  • Kaikyokan (Shimonoseki City Aquarium)

    Shimonoseki Aquarium Kaikyokan is an aquarium built with the concept of “the life of the sea, the sea and life” in the background of the Kanmon Strait. Skeletal specimens of the world's largest blue whale are on exhibition.(About 1 hour by car from the hotel)
  • Former Tonoi mail office

    Former Tonoi mail office Yamaguchi Prefecture designated tangible cultural property. Works in the period when western style architecture was adopted in rural areas

Tourism event

  • Appreciation of firefly bus

    【June】We will show you the busy spot where genji firefly only local people know about.We will not go sightseeing because we have narrow streets, but we will appreciate the fantastic firefly dance road from inside the car.

     Period: June, After 20 o'clock

     time: About 20 minutes
  • Firefly ship

    【June】First in Japan Firefly boat.It is a fantastic beauty wrapped in countless lights.
    Reservation is necessary for Firefly boat.

Information on golf course

  • Central Park Golf Course

    Hill course.American Yes by arranging the style of the size of the mound, highly strategic course that various shot while being flat is required of course management enjoy.Visually, the shapes of Table Mountain, Channel and Glass Bunker are beautiful, and you can enjoy various pleasures for each hole.
  • Toyotako Golf Club

    A champion course that truly pleasantly praises player's willingness to challenge.It is a full-scale course with extremely high strategy, making all players excite.A course layout harmonized with the natural beauty of Toyoda Lake directs a dramatic golf stage.

Introduction of tourist routes

It is a tourist course recommended by the hotel.

Hagi tour

  • Ichinomata Onsen Tourist Hotel → Tsunoshima(Explore the island)→萩 → Hagi Museum →
       Shoin Shrine → Hagi-yaki Pottery(Hagi Ceramic Art Museum)→Kasayama District(Toyo's smallest crater)→
                Hamasaki area(Oshurement[Important traditional buildings]Sight seeing)→Mine IC

- Scenery center route

  • Ichinomata Onsen Tourist Hotel → Tsunoshima(Explore the island)→Yuya(Sightseeing rice terraces)→
            Hioki Town(Sightseeing in Senjaki)→Nagato(Omijima Island[Pleasure boat])→Mine IC

- Sightseeing recommendation route

  • Ichinomata Onsen Tourist Hotel → Tsunoshima(Explore the island)→Kusu no Mori(Sightseeing of 3 biggest trees in Japan)→
            Shimonoseki(Chofu Tour Kozanji Temple, Chofu Mori Residence, Nogi Shrine"→ Shimonosek IC