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Please enjoy delicious treats.

Bliss time when local ingredients are colored

Besides various seasonal wild plants, Japan seafood is also blessed.

We examine material, seasonal passion, material of the season
I will serve you with your heartfelt cooking.
  • Seasonal Recommended Food

  • Shimonoseki Specialties Fukuzaki cuisine

  • Bespoke food

    ☆Meals menu☆

    · Inoupa or deer pot(1 serving)·...·From 1,782 yen

    · Stone plate(100 g)·...·¥ 832

    · Deep-fried wild boar of Tatsuta, Tatsuta fried deer, Eating two varieties(50 g each)·...·¥ 594

    · Deep-fried wild boar of Tatsuta(50 g)/(100 g)·...·¥ 297/¥ 594

    · Tatsuta fried deer(50 g)/(100 g)·...·¥ 297/¥ 594

    · Deep-fried young chicken(250 g)·...·¥ 832

    · Deep-fried octopus(150 g)·...·¥ 832

    · Wagyu Beef steak(100 g ~)·...·From 1,782 yen

    · beef on steel grilling plate Steak(150 g)·...·1,080 yen

    · Steamed rice with abalone(1 serving·1 sheet)·...·1,188 yen

    · Kanon stabbing(20 to 25 servings per person), ※Advance reservation required·...·From 2,700 yen

    · Funamori (assortment of sashimi on a boat), ※Advance reservation required·...·From 5,400 yen

    ※All the display fee will be charged with service charge and tax.

    ※We will accept different dishes according to your order.

    ※Hours, dinner from 18:00, breakfast from 8:00 (For other times, please contact in advance.)

    ※Please note that room food is not available.

    ※Meals are available at the restaurant.

    ※There are items that can not be booked on the day (order), so please understand in advance.

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