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Ichinomata Onsen Tourist Hotel


1711 Ichinomata, Toyota Town, Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture

When you visit, we ask that you confirm the location in advance.

Telephone number



There is a free shuttle bus from JR Ozuki Station · 35 minutes from the Ozuki IC · 40 minutes from Mine IC · 50 minutes from JR Shin-Shimonoseki Station · 35 minutes to Tsunoshima

Pick-up presence (condition)
·Shuttle bus from the Ozuki (see the access summary) is operated daily
·Transportation by bus for over 15 people, negotiable
  • ATTENTION, - Please be careful.

    Chugoku Expressway you use "Route 491" from Chugoku Expressway, Ozuki IC., The road width is narrowing and it is dangerous.When coming, please go straight ahead without going ahead of the Michi-no-Eki"Kikugawa", go through Toyota Town · Michi-no-Eki"Nishi-no-ichi".
    Also, when coming from Hagi district, go straight from "Route 191" to "Route 491" without going left and go through "No. 435" "Kottoi".Thank you for your consideration.

    From "Ozuki IC" to "No. 491", which is often given priority in navigation, it is dangerous and it takes a long walk to narrow the road width.
  • Access map ①

  • Access map ②

  • Customers using your car

    Bisho than IC: 40 minutes, than the Ozuki IC 30 minutes, from Shin Shimonoseki Station: 50 minutes
    Sanyo Main Line Ozuki Station on Sanyo Main Line : 35 minutes, From Takiba Station on the Sanin Main Line: 15 minutes, From Ube Airport: 90 minutes
  • Customers using trains

    Route name: Sanyo Main Line(SANYOW Hon Sen), Station name: Ozuki Station(Ozuki eki)

    ※Free shuttle bus available from Ozuki station (reservation required) Please contact us directly after reservation.
  • Parking Information

    ■Number of units that can be accommodated is 65(A passenger car)

    You can use it without reservation.
    Please use an available parking lot.
    At the time of crowding, the staff will guide you.
  • Pick-up service

    ■Free shuttle bus service from Ozuki station

    Approximate travel time is about 40 minutes·Two roundtrips a day.Of course,
    Please do not hesitate to visit us by drop-in!

    - Bus timetable -
    ◆JR Ozuki Eki-mae > One america
    10:30 > 11:15
    16:00 > 16:45

    ◆One source of energy >JR Ozuki Eki-mae arrival in JR Ozuki Eki-mae
    9:45 > 10:30
    15:15 > 16:00

    ※For your stay, please make your reservation by the day before to make sure.
    ※If you do not have a reservation from 16:00 from Ozuki station it will be a forwarding bus.

    ■Group transfer information

    We are picking up and transferring to the users of the group.

    ※When using high-speed, payment of high-speed fee for two round trips is required.
    ※Please contact us at the time of reservation.