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Ichinomata Onsen Tourist Hotel


1711 Ichinomata, Toyota Town, Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture

When you visit, we ask that you confirm the location in advance.

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Free shuttle bus from JR Ozuki Station・ 35 minutes from Ozuki IC・ 40 minutes from Mine IC・ 50 minutes from JR Shin-Shimonoseki Station・ 35 minutes to Tsunoshima

Pick-up presence (condition)
·Shuttle bus from the Ozuki (see the access summary) is operated daily
·Transportation by bus for over 15 people, negotiable
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Attraction of Keiko-no-yado

  • Best of West Japan"super" Misumi hot water

    H10.0 boasts a smooth hot spring like lotion just dipping
    Moisten your skin moist.

    The bath is an open-air outdoor bath surrounded by mountains and a spacious inner bath
    We are offering private family baths that value the contacts of families.

    There is also a hot Ichinomata Onsen Grand Hotel the sister building “Ichinomata Onsen Grand Hotel”, a 3-minute walk away.
    Guests can use it free of charge.

    There is sauna and Jacuzzi, so please feel free to use.
  • Various mountains of the mountains by season, Treasures from the Sea

    A number of excellent items that first-class chefs shake their arms ...

    Besides various seasonal wild plants, Japan seafood is also blessed.

    To the material, cooking passion, cooking that examined seasonal ingredients,
    I will give you a hearty heart.
  • Fantasy light of flying fireflies

    Natural monument Koya River·Otozuregawa Genji fireflies origin

    Nature creates, enriching the early summer's illumination ...
    Fireflies that can only be seen during this time.

    The light that rises with a clean babble will bring a gentle time.
    The Firefly boat Toyota Town operates in the middle of June!

Hospitality hospitality

  • Aiming for a hotel to please everyone

    Regardless of age and sex, the hotel is loved as a day-trip hot spring facility as a hotel.

    We aim for 100% customer satisfaction.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.